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About Us

The Rich Times was established in 2009.  A lifestyle blog that helps answer a question that has troubled many – “Just what do they do with all that dough!?” ; we aim to provide luxury news, aspirational lifestyles and stuff that is just outright crazy for the common man to even consider. We hope that reading our blog brings a smile to your face.

 Feel free to drop in a line ( contact at therichtimes dot com) for any suggestions, bouquets, brick bats. Each email will be read by the Author and the Editor and be replied to – that is a promise.

Our team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Being spread out across the globe gives us an additional advantage of cultural insights, changes in the luxury industry and latest news 24/7.

Yash Desai (Editor)

Yash Desai
Yash Desai

A keen interest in finance has seen him wander into the luxury space to figure out “What do the top 1% really do with all that moolah?”. Based in Melbourne, Australia ; the coffee snob capital of the world, Yash now uses 5 adjectives to order his morning cuppa. He does not consider this as a luxury. A passion for technology and cars sees him working on either of these in his free time.  Yash writes sparingly but focuses his efforts on keeping The Rich Times running as a well oiled machine.

Ling Zhang (Contributor)

Ling Zhang
Ling Zhang

A couturier in the true sense of the word, talk to Ling if you need to know anything end everything related to haute couture. Based in Beijing, China ; Ling gives us powerful insights into what brands and accessories are most likely to take off based on what the Asian markets likes. With a soft spot for food ; Ling is in her natural element discussing the two great Fs of her life – Fashion & Food. At the time of writing this post, Ling was still unsure whether she preferred to call her self a couturier or a foodie. The choice may or may not have been made by the editor on her behalf. Speak to her about her favorite Michelin restaurants and you would be lucky to wrap up the conversation by the next day.

Yogesh Gaitonde (Contributor)

Yogesh Gaitonde
Yogesh Gaitonde

Proudly born and bred in Mumbai – the fashion capital of India ; Yogesh loves to dream big. He fell in love with luxury as a child on his first visit to a family members wedding which was held in a five star hotel that went on for days in true ‘big fat indian wedding’ style. Since then he has never looked back, keeping himself upto date on luxury getaway indulgences across the globe. Yogesh is most likely to be found lounging in the spa of the Grand Maratha, Mumbai instead of his own home.

Justin Burwood (Contributor)

Justin Burwood

A Geek. The word that Oxford dictionary defines as ‘a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast’ was created for Justin. Be it the internal workings of an internal combustion engine or a hand made watch, this guy has it all within his brain. If he does come up against something that he hasn’t read up on then he forgets to sleep, eat or act human while he studies it to death and becomes something of an expert on the topic. Of course that makes him a natural fit on The Rich Times where he adores writing on his favorite topics. After all, a car or watch that has been created without sparing any expense is a dream come true for any geek. You would be wise to put your money on Justin if he ever goes up against The Stig.

Alice Ng (Contributor)

Alice Ng

Living in the sunny climes of California, USA ; Alice adores the beach first and foremost. But when she isnnt surfing the seas, she is surfing the web and keeping tabs on her favorite Hollywood celebrities. Alice writes for several online celebrity mags but is a sure contributor when it comes to anything wild and wacky that a celebrity does like a $50 million home that Tommy Hilfiger made. Alice is most likely found at the Malibu Surfrider Beach whenever there is a good surf.

Andy Blake (Contributor)

Andy Blake

A high afternoon tea is where you are most likely to run into Andy. Asian by lineage, its been a few generations since his forefathers migrated to the UK and he is as thoroughly British as they come. Thus the love for tea and cucumber sandwiches. If we are ever in doubt of any western conventions or formalities, Andy is the bloke we reach out to. Needless to say any news that have anything to do with protocol, etiquette or ceremony fall squarely into the lap of Mr. Blake.

Kiefer Chung (Contributor)

Kiefer Chung

Gazing on the most expensive real estate in the world from ‘The Peak’ – Hongkong comes the gospel of Mr. Chung who is an authority on all things real estate. After all, living in Hongkong which is home to more super wealthy people than any other city in the world results in HongKong being ranked the most expensive housing market for 8 consecutive years (latest being 2018). His search for a home to call his own in this beautiful city has given Kiefer absolute mastery over mansions, palaces, bungalows and any other abode that mankind can call home. Throw in a love for luxury and you have a writer who misses not a single thing when it comes to real estate.