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The Whiz-Media group has a simple mission statement – “If its happening, then we are covering”. Under this broad wide mission statement, where we try to show happenings across the globe (and beyond) on our blogs – writers have the freedom to be either unbiased, or extremely biased. How they respond to your criticisms or comments is however upto them – so we encourage you to actively participate in the debate that is supposed to occur on each of our blog pages. After all , agreeing to disagree is what makes us human.

The Rich Times was established in 2009. We moved from Movable Type to WordPress in 2010 and the blog has got a new face as well as a new lease of life. As always, The Rich Times gives you a chance to look into the house of the Joneses. It lets you get a sneak peek into the lifestyles of the rich and famous and finally answers a question that has troubled many – “Just what do they do with all that dough!?

Our vision is to continue growing and have blogs to cover every aspect of life. Feel free to drop in a line for any suggestions, bouquets, brick bats. Each email will be read by the Author and the Editor and be replied to – that is a promise.